Advising Support for Students

There is a lot of support available for students at UTTC Online! Each student is assigned to an advisor based on your degree program. Here is a list current degree programs and upcoming degrees with the advisor for each one. Feel free to contact any one of them for more information:
Current Degrees Offered
Degrees Anticipated

Technical Support for Students

Any time you work with technology, you can expect some bumps in the road. UTTC provides the support you need to get over those bumps. The Online User Support Services are coordinated by Frank Bosch. Just email Online User Support if you have some technical difficulties at

Other Support for Online Learners

Learners will...
  1. Discover the online learning support system offered by UTTC
  2. Learn how to apply for online learning at UTTC

Requirements for Admissions

Take a look at the requirements for admissions to UTTC. Among the basic requirements for regular admission are:
  • High School Diploma or GED
  • Social Security Number
  • Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
  • Photo ID with Birthdate
UTTC also offers a Dual Enrollment program online for High School juniors and seniors. That information is available in Module 1 of this Practice Online Course.
Check out the Admissions link above for more information about studying online and earning your degree without leaving home.
Throughout this course, you have seen sample discussion questions. If you would like to discuss options for online learning at United Tribes Technical College, give us a call or email us by clicking here: Online Learning Support