This "course" is designed to help you become acquainted with an online course at United Tribes Technical College. Beginning a college program of study can be a scary thing, and beginning one online can be even more intimidating. We welcome you to take a "look around" this course so you have a good understanding of what will be required of you should you decide to begin your studies online at UTTC.
There are four modules in this course. A typical online course will have between 12 and 16 modules or units of study that must be completed within the semester. Even though you can access your coursework at any time or day, you are still expected to complete your assignments on a weekly basis. In other words, you still have due dates. Some of your coursework may have a time stamp on them. After the due date, you no longer have access to submit the assignments. The same is true for discussions. Your instructor may set a date and time for each discussion to "close" so you can't post your comments after they are due.
There are some key elements in this course to which you need to make sure you are attending. The first is the Modules. In a typical course, a new module will be opened for you to view each week. Each module contains a variety of items. The objectives are designed to help you understand what you are expected to learn for that module. The "Instruction" section contains comments from your instructor about the content of the module. This is where key points are summarized or examples are provided that are designed to help you connect to the content. The reading assignment is provided in another section. Make sure you do the assigned reading because you'll need that information for your weekly discussions. The discussion questions are listed for your reference in the Discussions section. However, you will need to go to the Collaboration page to access the course discussions. Finally, the activities are designed to help you apply what you have read and what you are learning. The activities may require you to go into the Coursework section. The coursework section is where you will find forms and other formats in which to complete your assigned tasks. It will make sense once you begin a course, but if you find that you have difficulty, don't hesitate to contact learner support...and don't be afraid to click around on the page and get yourself oriented.
There is just one quirky thing about this platform. Don't use the browser "back" button. It will make the course "unavailable" to you and you will have to go back to the college's homepage ( again to get into your course. It is kind of a pain in the neck, but after you've used your browser's back button a few times, you won't do it again.
If your instructor has announcements for the course, they will be posted here. You will also receive campus-wide announcements here.
There are no Handouts for this set.

Links to Interesting Sites or Resources

This is the "Bookmarks" section. Here is where your instructor will set up links to various sites that will help you in your coursework.
This is the link to the UTTC Application for Undergraduate study.