Technical requirements for completing UTTC online classes require a student-provided personal computer.

Sufficient technology and Internet access is required to complete online classes when you take an undergraduate college course at UTTC. The following list will help verify that you are adequately equipped.

NOTES: Specific curricula for college courses may require additional software purchases. Any additional software requirements will be provided in the syllabi for your courses.

Computer specifications are reviewed and revised every six months to accommodate changes in technology. While every attempt is made to ensure that these specifications satisfy all curricular needs for students completing courses, UTTC reserves the right to require upgrades in the event of technology changes. Students will be given 90 days notice before such changes are implemented.

Online classes cannot be accessed using Web TV.

Course access using iPhones and mobile devices is not supported at this time.

Students who need assistive technologies will have different computer and technology requirements. Please check with your Student Services counselor to determine the requirements for the specific technologies needed to support your online classes.

For questions regarding these requirements, please email the Online Support Center at

Minimum System Requirements

Following is the hardware and software needed to complete your online classes at United Tribes Technical College:

Online Schools recommend that you have administrative rights to the computer used for college coursework. If you must use a computer over which you do not have administrative rights (such as a library computer or a workplace computer), you may experience difficulties with needed functions, such as installing plug-ins. Students using library or workplace computers will have limited support options due to access limitations on such networks. Check with your workplace IT department to ensure that you may access course materials from your company’s network.

Productivity Tools
Microsoft Office.

Internet Access
ISP account for Internet access and email address. (See more on Internet connectivity specifications below.) For optimal course performance for undergraduate nursing students, network ports 8085 and 5272 should not be blocked. Check with your ISP to ensure that these ports are available.

Email Account
A valid email address, which is checked frequently, is required for participation in components of your coursework. Students have the option of using their own email address or requesting a UTTC student email account. If you change your email address, you must supply the correct address to UTTC Student Services. You can access your university student email account by logging in to the student portal and clicking the My Student Email link.

Supported Browsers

Other browsers, including the Microsoft Edge, AOL browser, Opera, Google Chrome, and Safari for Windows, are NOT currently supported for some components of your coursework. You may use AOL for your ISP, but you should use either IE or Firefox browser versions listed above. As new browser versions are released, announcements will be issued to notify students when the new versions have been tested and may be used safely.
See below for required Browser settings.

Browser Settings

The following plug-ins are required for many of the resources available in your online courses:

All plug-ins needed to participate in components of your online classes are available at no additional cost. It is recommended that you review the list of plug-ins and install them prior to beginning your coursework.

Screen Settings
Your screen resolution (size) should be set at minimum 1024 x 768 or higher.

Supported Computer Security Options (Windows): Anti-virus, firewall, anti-spyware

Recommended and supported: