Overview of the Grade Entry Portlet

When you select the Grade Entry option from the Go Directly To drop-down list on the Faculty Course Control portlet, the Update Student Grades screen is displayed. This screen allows you to assign grades to students in the selected course.

The Grade Entry portlet allows you to assign grades to students in courses for which you are responsible. If your institution allows you to do so, you can enter midterm and/or final grades and update existing grades for students in your courses. However, it is possible that you may only be able to view grades for students. You can also enter Absences and Clock Hours.

The View Course List link on the default screen opens the main Grading Course List screen where you can view your courses for the selected term/division.

If you are logged in to JICS but have not been assigned an ID Number for your institution's database, the link will not display and the following message is displayed: "You are not currently defined as a faculty member on the server."