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Terror accused felt 'affiliation' with mass killers Original post: Thu 12/10/2020 at 2:08 AM

Terror accused felt 'affiliation' with mass killers

A man accused of terrorism offences in Edinburgh felt "an affiliation" with notorious American mass killers, a court has been told.

A forensic psychiatrist who met with Gabrielle Friel told police the accused felt jealous and rejected and felt an affinity with
Californian spree killer Elliott Rodger.

Mr Friel, 22, denies charges of intending to commit acts of terrorism.

He also denies expressing a "desire to carry out a spree killing mass murder".

In a statement to the court, Dr Alexander Quinn's said: "I asked him if he shared some of the ideals of Rodger, in particular his
attitude to hating women for not being interested in him sexually. He agreed at times he did."

The High Court in Edinburgh heard the psychiatrist met Mr Friel in August last year.

The accused was referred after being arrested by police in 2017 following an incident at Edinburgh College when he was armed
with a knife.

Mr Friel said he had thought about committing "suicide by cop" and became an inpatient at the Orchard Clinic secure unit at
the Royal Edinburgh Hospital.

He was released back into the community in June 2018.

Defence solicitor advocate Brian Gilfedder asked the psychiatrist if he was concerned that there might be a repeat of the college
incident, whereby threatening to cause harm or actually causing harm to the public, Mr Friel would be shot by the authorities?

Dr Quinn responded: "That was my concern."

The psychiatrist said that during an interview with Mr Friel, things came up that he considered a risk - in particular when
the accused talked about previous crimes by other people and the purchase of equipment.

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