Course Information

Each course you take online at United Tribes Technical College will include information that you will need to be successful as a student. The main page (first link on the menu) will include some general information about the course. It will include a little bit of information about special resources you may need as well as some helpful or necessary handouts. Some instructors will utilize the calendar on that page. Others leave it to students to use for themselves.
The Syllabus provides more indepth information about the course. There you will find information about the required textbooks and the course objectives. Those objectives are very important because they lay out the main requirements of the course. We recommend that you print the syllabus and keep it on hand throughout the course.
United Tribes Technical College is very interested in your success and in helping you succeed. Research demonstrates that students who regularly attend class are much more likely to succeed than their counterparts who don't attend class. Online course attendance is tracked through the Discussion Forum activity. You are expected to contribute to the discussion board throughout the week, answering the questions that your instructor posts as well as responding to what your classmates have to say. Your syllabus will clearly articulate the discussion expectations.
You will find many of your assignments under the Coursework link. Coursework can be a variety of things, including online assignments and file exchanges. Online assignments are things like quizes, tests, and other fill-in-the-blank types of exercises. File exchanges are those like Word documents or Excel spreadsheets or PowerPoint assignments that you are expected to upload to your instrctor. The samples provided for you are for view-only and are not interactive in this course. You can see the types of assignments available but can't access them.
Collaboration is where you will find a list of students in your course as well as the Discussion Board. As stated previously, the Discussion Forum or Discussion Board is where you will talk about the course assignments and topics with your instructor and your course mates. A guide for what is expected is included on that page for your reference.
The Grades link is where you will find your grades. Since this is a public course, it is impossible for us to set up an actual gradebook for you without collecting your student information first.
Finally, you will see a set of Modules. Your instructor controls when you see the modules. Until you are given access to them, it may appear that you have no modules or lessons. Once they are activated for you, you will see them added to the list on the menu on the left side of your web page.