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Baltlokis Boxing Store Original post: Tue 5/23/2017 at 8:26 AM

baltlokis What should you know about boxing with BALTLOKIS? First of all, this is the most dynamic and hard type of sport. If you boxing - all your muscles, all your nerves, and all your cells are working together to make you a perfect fighter and do the rights moves to the win on the battle. Before starting boxing you need to decide. Why you want boxing and what for? Because of the difficulties you can face sporting with the boxing gloves and partners, you must decide can you or can not. Because such sport doesn't handle weak people. If you still on the way to become a Mike Tyson - you need to choose the right boxing equipment for the fights. First of all, don't try to save on it. Remember, for cheap products you have to pay twice. For good ones - enough one time and for years. That's why I would like to introduce you boxing equipment company from Lithuania under the brand name BALTLOKIS (what means BALT - shorten from Baltic, and LOKIS - the word translated as BEAR, and together Baltic Bear). This company is about 3 years on the Europe boxing market, and already has its own champions, who won Lithuanian and Europe championship with BALTLOKIS equipment. Why are Boxing Gloves from BALTLOKIS so good? First of all, they made 100% from the cowhide leather. What does it mean? It means it can last longer for tens years and still being in a good shape. It means that it is a pleasure to boxing in BALTLOKIS boxing gloves and feeling every move of the arm and hand, making a perfect hit and crush the opponent. The price is damn good. You don't need to overpay for the other brands such as Everlast, Adidas, Green Hill, which are already fifty years on the market and are three times overpriced. You pay for the quality and for the pleasure working with a good equipment. BALTLOKIS Boxing bags - How adorable they are? First of all, boxing bags are divided into three types. Depends on the filler and material. Based on the company's experience and the worldwide standards. BALTLOKIS offers the combination of great materials bringing the process of boxing on the top level of professionals, even if the only amateurs behind the boxing bag. The main material of the bag is made from artificial leather, which is made by the high standards of boxing provide long-last quality and good feelings of the contacting fight. The filler is made from kilograms of high-quality cotton, providing new and unique sensation from the sport. It can last hours before it will be enough to stop boxing. Because working and boxing with BALTLOKIS may be addicted to the healthy lifestyle and boxing in all. In conclusion, we want to say. That people do not always make a right decision. In life, in love, in work. But there is no wrong decision in sport. Sport is a good thing in all his ways and faces. So we invite you to do good things, to do boxing, together with BALTLOKIS.

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